Official Brown Belts Double Dragon Sansei GOJU-USA


Official Brown Belts of Double Dragon Institute



Double Dragon School - Hyannis MA.

John A. - 08/30/99

Trudy A. - 04/29/02
1st place winner in kata as a Blue Belt 06/02/01 Goju Int'l Karate MA.

Yulmar R. A. - 07/15/2015
previous experience in Kyokunshi Kai.
Also has 1st Dan Black Belt in Shieiyjuku
Student will do Double Dragon Goju-Ryu evaluation on
07/20/2015 to see if he meets treditional
Goju-Ryu Black Belt Standards.


Double Dragon School - Hyannis MA.

Michael A. - 08/31/99

Christopher H. - 02/07/00

Yulmar R. A. - 10/28/2000 app.
backdated per: Hanshi

David S.J.- 01/20/02

Gilberto V. M. - 04/15/2015
With Honors for his commitment to the
etiquette and ethics set forth by Grandmaster Saavedra
founder of Sansei Goju-Ryu that are used by the
Double Dragon Institute World Goju-Ryu Karate Organization.


Double Dragon School - Hyannis MA.

Lean O. - 02/14/00

Ethan L. - 11/31/00

Richard E. (Dickey)-11/28/01

Heather L. - 01/20/02

Barbara M. - 06/19/02

Double Dragon Schools - Florida

Louis R. - 08/29/2012

Double Dragon School - Purto Rico

Yulmar R. A. - 10/01/1999 app.
in Kyokunshi Kai / (Goju-Ryu) through Yamaguchi Sensei

Enid S. - 10/18/2014
Also has a Brown Belt in Shotokan

Gilberto V. M. - 03/18/2015

Carlos O. F. V. - 06/01/2015

Idamys D. D. V. - 06/30/2015


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