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Hanshi DeBuc 9th Dan

Shogun by James Clavell's

My adult students are required to rent and watch Shogun before they reach Green Belt.

 I highly recommend that all Karate students read this book,
it will gain you an insight into the discipline that is inherent in the martial arts.
Please note:
The barbaric practices in this book are not part of Karate today, but they will give you a greater understanding
of the level of discipline required of a karate man or karate woman.
Any questions as to the practices described in this book should be directed to your
Karate Instructor, or to me and never attempted without our permission.

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Mas Oyama

The first style I studied at the YMCA was founded by Mas Oyama.
I have never forgot the story, told to me by my first teacher, that Mas Oyama had Killed a bull with a single punch to the head, after he had chopped the bull's horn off .

I highly recommend the reading of his book.
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Mas Oyama's Complete Karate Course -
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Gogen Yamaguchi

Founder of Japanese Goju-Ryu Karate

Tony Chisolm

The next style I studied was Goju-Ryu. my teacher was Tony Chisolm, this teacher was cut from the same mold of Mas Oyama but he was trained by Gogen Yamaguchi.

Tony Chisolm could crush anything with his fist, or any single blow.
he revered Gogen Yamaguchi - The Cat.

Gogen Yamaguchi - I always hoped I would one day get to meet, or just see this Great Legend - The stories of his training in the snow, his stealth, the greatness of this man, made me want to be like him, along with the greatness of my father, is responsible for making me, proud to be the type of man I have become today.  
Tony Chisolm was my first sensei in Goju-Ryu. We wore the fist that you see below.
To get hurt in class was common place, but permanent injury or an act that could cause permanent injury was not condoned, or the intent of this sensei. Training way never a walk in the park, and the highest level of discipline not seen often today was mandatory. Training outdoors was common. We learned not to worry about small problem, such as pain, the harder you trained the less chances you had of getting hurt.

Till this day I teach many of my classes outdoors, some students still have not seen an indoor dojo.  I loose countless students because they need to train indoors.  A lot of these students come to me from different schools, even Black Belts. This brings a smile to my face, and a chuckle in my heart, when I think of the type of training traditional Goju-Ryu required. This level of discipline even I do not ask of my students, or I would never get some of them past yellow belt. So we must all understand the fact that time has changed Karate, and we are forced to conform to some degree or loose the art completely.  I have a greatest respect for my predecessors who were cut from the same cloth as Tony Chisolm, his teacher Gogen Yamaguchi, and theirs....... 



Master Ngo Dong
Mike Arnspiger


Master Ngo Dong is the founder of Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts.  I studied Cuong Nhu under Sensei Mike Arnspiger, this was some of the best training in Karate I ever receive. Coung Nhu has had a profound effect on the way I teach Goju-Ryu.  I always wanted to get a Black Belt in this great style of Martial Arts, but karma has held me to the Brown Belt, no mater how many times I prepared for their Black Belt test,  I have never been able to make it to the exam. One day maybe I or Cuong Nhu will correct this misfortune. I can only hope.

Please take the time to look at this Art when you have finishes reading this home page, a link is provided by clicking below: 

Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts


USA Goju-Ryu
Peter Urban

This Grandmaster is the father of USA Goju-Ryu and the teacher of my current Grandmaster, Manny Saavedra

I highly recommend the reading of his book it contains information that I  have never found published anywhere else, and will answer a lot of questions.
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The Karate Dojo
by Peter Urban


Recommended by Renshi
for advanced students only:


Karate Breaking Techniques: With Practical Applications to Self-Defense,
by Jack Hibbard

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Here is the secret to my breaking abilities as they are today
thank you for looking at my home page
Renshi Arthur DeBuc.


Special thanks to Estella Atalay without whom all things would not be possible.

This Black Belt, Nidan who has been both Student and Teacher to me, saved the Double Dragon from almost total destruction. I owe Estella a world of gratitude.

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