Official Blue Belts of Double Dragon Sansei GOJU-USA


Official Blue Belts of Double Dragon Institute

Michael A. - 03/27/99

Ethan L. - 02/09/00

Heather J. - 06/12/00 Honors

David S.J.- 06/14/00

Laci E. - 04/04/01

Trudy A. - 04/04/01

Katherine DeBuc 07/01

Barbara M. - 03/20/02

Lisa R. - 07/17/02 +
Title: Sempai, Assistant Instructor
Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School-MA
Attended the International Black Belt Conference 07/19/02 in Miami.

Danielle D. - 05/01/03

Florida Schools

Cristian R. - 08/28/2015

Puerto Rico

Gilberto V. M. - 10/07/14

Carlos F. - 02/25/2015

Idamys D. D. V. - 04/28/2015

Nayda B. C. - 06/02/2015

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Official Black Belts of the Double Dragon Institute : and message to all students.

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