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Hanshi Arthur DeBuc 9th Dan
Hanchi Saavedra's schools instructor # 3236
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 Picture taken in by Sensei Tatiana Moran

Kyoshi Arthur A. DeBuc, ATP 9th Dan.

Founder of the:

Double Dragon Institute

Double Dragon Goju-USA 1
Double Dragon Goju-Ryu Karate-Do
Known as

The World Double Dragon Institute
  Goju-Ryu Karate and Kobudo Organization







Above is the old emblem
 February 2010.


Official emblem of D.D.I.G.R.K.O.
Created by Hanshi DeBuc for the Institute
showing its history in visual depiction.

Official fist of Double Dragon Goju-Ryu Karate-Do
Double Dragon Goju-USA
Created by Kyoshi DeBuc,
In honor and to honor our late Supreme Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi,
known affectionately as 'the cat,'the founder of Gojukai.



Get to know our Master
Hanshi DeBuc





Hanshi Arthur DeBuc has instructed students in karate for over 37 years and is one of the most loyal former students of Grandmaster Manny Saavedra.  Mr. DeBuc is the holder of an airline transport pilot rating, is an accomplished pilot, Senior Judge, and founder of Double Dragon Goju-Ryu.


At the young age of thirteen Mr. DeBuc began his karate training at the YMCA. At fourteen years of age Mr. DeBuc was given the privilege of studying Japanese Goju-Ryu, under Sensei Tony Chisolm, who's teacher was the Supreme Grandmaster Yamaguchi. Mr. DeBuc also studied under Sensei Michael Powell who was the first head instructor at St. George's College. At the age of sixteen Mr. DeBuc was given his first Black Belt, and when Sensei Powell left St. George,s College Mr. DeBuc received the honor of becoming the head instructor.

In 1977 Mr. DeBuc moved to New York City, where he received his second Black Belt in karate under Sensei Michael Powell, before moving to Miami.

Once in Miami Mr. DeBuc acquired a Brown Belt under Sensei Mike Arnspiger in Cuong Nhu (which is a Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese martial art founded by Master Ngo Dong), combining Shotokan, Vovinam, Boxing, Wing Chun, Judo, Aikido, and T’ai Chi. Mr. DeBuc prepared to take the Black Belt exam  in Cuong Nhu several times but was unable to do this because of family commitments. Mr. DeBuc holds the greatest respect for Master Ngo Dong, and his Cuong Nhu teacher Sensei Mike Arnspiger. Mr. DeBuc has always regretted not being able to taking the black belt exam in Cuong Nhu, and still practices these techniques today.

Mr. DeBuc then founded HaSo-Ryu in 1985 and became known to his students as the Double Dragon. However, because of a burning desire to continue Goju-Ryu, Mr. DeBuc began to study Sansei Goju-Ryu under Master Russ Rogg who is now the founder of Shendo Goju-Ryu.

While studding under Master Rogg, Mr. DeBuc became acquainted with Grand Master Manny Saavedra, and with the assistance of Sensei Estella Attalay, was granted the honor of continuing his study as one of Grandmaster Saavedra's personal student.  In 1996 Mr. DeBuc founded the Double Dragon Institute and on November 2000, Mr. DeBuc was promoted to 6th Dan, Very High Level Master by Grandmaster Saavedra in 1992. At this time Master DeBuc, Shihan was given the honor to maintain his own  style name as Double Dragon Goju-Ryu or Double Dragon Goju-USA.



Shihan DeBuc, served for several years on the Board of Directors of the World Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate and Kobudo Organization, inducted into Hall of Fame as Master Instructor of the year, also inducted into Who's Who in Executive and Professionals, among Mr. DeBuc's has many other recognitions and achievements as he moved up the ranks of Sansei Goju-Ryu.




Mr. DeBuc after proving to be successful at developing many good masters in his organization over the these seven years was then promoted to Kyoshi 7th dan in 1999. In 2002 Kyoshi DeBuc was promoted to 8th dan and after a unplesasant clash with several of Sansei Goju-Ryu Masters that was actually being set up by someone who was trying to grab power in Sansei Kyoshi DeBuc decidec to take a leave of absence to allow Grandmaster Saavedra to figure out what was going on. Three years later In 2010 after Grandmaster Saavedra completed his investigation into the problem and resolved the situation with some extremily firm and well defined actions Kyoshi DeBuc has returned from his leave of absence by order of Grandmaster Saavedra and he is once again active in Sansei Goju-Ryu.


Hanshi's answer on this matter is "No matter how you feel about the actions of your teacher you must always show them respect, you should never forget the amount of time your teacher has devoted to you of his or her life in order to give you the best training he or she can in their martial arts. A student that disrespects his teacher is paramount to a child that disrespects their parents. It does not hurt to remember that God in one of his 10 commandments said though shall honor thy Mother and thy Father."

Today HaSo-Ryu, now Double Dragon Goju-Ryu, is a style using Sansei Goju-Ryu as it's foundation, and incorporates all the other systems learned by Hanshi DeBuc along with his personal innovations.  The innovations Grandmaster Saavedra has made to traditional Goju-Ryu,  made it possible for Hanshi DeBuc to use Sansei Goju-Ryu as the foundation in forming Double Dragon Goju-Ryu, combining all his Martial Arts training into a new formula. This formula is Hanshi DeBuc's view of Goju-Ryu, and is used by students of the Double Dragon Institute, as suggested by Grandmaster Saavedra.

Grandmaster Saavedra has helped many of his students find true enlightenment, and a solid path in which to grow in the martial arts.  This Grandmaster is the inspiring force of Mr. DeBuc's Double Dragon Institute, and is loved and revered by all.

The Double Dragon Institute, Double Dragon Management, Team Double Dragon, the Dragon Black Belts, The Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines Karate Club, the Barnstable Athletic Club Double Dragon Karate School and all Double Dragon students throughout the United States, Poland, Russia, and Jamaica, respect Grandmaster Manny Saavedra.

Hanchi Saavedra's 10th Dan's positions on truth, reason, and the new direction of Martial Arts for the 21th century are respected by Hanshi Arthur DeBuc.

Hanshi Arthur DeBuc currently works with United Connection / Cape Air / Nantucket Airlines, and is the President of the Double Dragon Institute World Goju-Ryu Karate-Do and Kobudo Organization.



Latest Honors



Inducted into the:


The world's most elite martial arts grandmasters council,

Hanshi Arthur De Buc 9th Dan, 

at Shihan 6th dan received the honor of being included at the

7th Annual Martial Arts Achievement Awards

under this year's 2001 category of:

Master Instructor of the Year - Sansei Goju Ryu.
September 1, 2001

Shihan Arthur A.DeBuc, Dr. DeFillipo, and Renshi J. Carlos Suares


Appointed to the


of the

World Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate and Kobudo Organization 

as of August 2001

Hanshi DeBuc has Received one of the highest honors given in Sansei Goju-Ryu by being appointed a Board Member of the Sansei Organization.  Sansei is one of the largest Karate Organizations in existence today. Sansei Goju-Ryu has over 500 Black Belts worldwide that are subject to the decisions of  the Board of Directors appointed by
Grandmaster Manny Saavedra


Promoted to
8th dan Very High Level Master
Grandmaster Manny Saavedra

Inducted into the:



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American Intercollegiate Karate Organization

herewith presents this

Achievement Award


Arthur De Buc, Sensei

in recognition for your contribution to the Martial

"Real Leaders are ordinary People with
extraordinary determination"

Presented, with honor, this
21st day of November 1998

 Achievement award for


Contribution to




Grandmaster Manny Saavedra


 Achieved 9th Dan.

and is the

Founder Of

Double Dragon Institute


Double Dragon Goju-Ruy Karate

end of recent awards.

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1 Please Note that USA Goju-Ryu is the style of my teachers teacher

Supreme Grandmaster Peter Urban
one suggestion

Read his book: The Karate Dojo,

Strongly recommended by Kyoshi Arthur DeBuc

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