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Hanshi Arthur DeBuc 9th Dan

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Kyoshi Arthur DeBuc, 7th dan

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August 20, 2014

Hi All,

We gave a surprise yellow belt test on 08/20/2014 please take the time to check the promotions and congratulate the successfull candidates.
These candidates were at the top of the class and will be alowed to test for their orange belts on Auguat 25 if they decide to do so.
Good Luck to all.


Hanshi DeBuc



August 2014:

Hi  All,

The next testing in Puerto Rico will be held on August 25.

Good Luck to all.


Hanshi DeBuc.


August 2014:

Hi Again All,

I had the pleasure of spending a wonderful and interesting time with Grandmaster Manny Saavedra. These moments will surely last me a lifetime.

As the future becomes the present I hae spent the last five years blending my knowledge of Karate into what I will call Double Dragon Goju-Ryu.

My interest is in teaching and testing the changes to the art as has been done by all my Goju-Ryu masters before me. With this I have left the safety of my

Teachers and taken my 9th Dan as a new Grandmaster placing the Double Dragon Institute on its own feet to teach Double Dragon Goju-Ryu by my hand.

It was a wonderfull experience to be a student of my excelent teachers and as was suggested by then many years ago I am now ready to take up the challange.

Thank You again for all you have done to me as your student, may the future be one of plesent and new horizons for all of us.

You all have my greatest respect and apreciation, as my students and I forge a new path in the emence and wonderful world of Goju-Ryu Karate.

Hanshi Arthur A. DeBuc 9th Dan.

New Beginning 


All students that previously had issues with the orginization, not of my doing are reinstated as of this moment 08/08/2014 and may follow the

Coad Of Ethics #20 as laid out in the WSGKO Interuction and Student Studuy Handbook DDI #3236 chapter 9.

May our future be as much fun as we have had in the past.

Hanshi Arthur DeBuc.




Hi Everyone,

It is nice to be back with Hanshi and all of you.

After a enjoyable meeting with the Grandmaster we have decided to renew our long lasting relationship and mutual respect between Grandmaster Saavedra and myself.
I have missed all of you and now that I find that I once again have the time to participate in the exciting events hosted by my Teacher, I fully expect to be seeing everyone who knows me
and have the pleasure to meet with all the new students that have joined the Grandmaster since I have been absent.

For those of you who know me, I have not changed. I have only become firmer in my thoughts that Karate is not flexible when it comes to etiquette and  the always non flexible loyalty and respect a student must have for their teacher ( you can be annoyed with the decisions of your teacher and you can let them know of this, but, you must never disrespect them ) . To this end Hanshi and I agree and I have seen fit to terminate several relationships with some of my former students whose actions have shamed me.  I wish them the best in accordance with our culture as americans. However, in accordance with Karate I will not see them in my presence again. I am sure they understand quite clearly these actions I am taking.

Hanshi and I also believe in the traditional position of the Art on Goju-Ryu karate as set forth by many of our teachers before us. Goju-Ryu still does not need drastic changes and only minor adjustments to allow Goju-Ryu students to operate in our time. It is however the right of only high level Master to make changes to the way the art is taught. Students must understand that Goju-Ryu is not stagnant but growing and they too may one day hold the ranks issued by their teachers that make them responsible to keep the art pure but growing.

I still personally believe the martial arts in its entirety comes from one well and to date I continue to prove this point. However, Goju-Ryu is taught by me as a traditional art and the proof that all techniques work well together is taught as advanced study.

Through these above statements my loyal friends you can see I have not changed and so by this you can expect many hours of unexpected excitement if I encounter someone who does not live up to the highest standard of integrity they can muster in relation to reality.

Sincerely yours



There are several new promotions listed under the black belt link. Congratulations to those who have received them!

The Double Dragon Institute is now reactivated and has taken its former position once again under Grandmaster Saavedra.

Since I have been gone I have become married to Delia and she wished all of you the best.
I have completed another degree and was able to graduate with honors and for this I thank you all for the time off to get this done.

Several big rank changes are as follows:

Kyoshi Milton has been appointed as a Director of DDI

Sensei Tatiana (Laura) Moran has been promoted to 5th Dan High Level Master - her capabilities, respect for her teacher and techniques far surpass all expectations.

Sensei Michael Miller has been promoted to 5th Dan High Level Master

Sensei Tashauna (Trudy) is now old enough to receive here rank and is promoted to 3rd Dan
   - as some of you know she ran the school in Hyannis for two years when she was only 13 years old by herself so I could have the time to study, etc.

Sensei Barbara McClure is now married and is promotede to a 2nd Dan.

Sensai Katherine DeBuc is now old enough to hold her 2nd Dan and the rank has been given to her - we are pleased to report that the last person who attacked her is alive and well. Katherine was assaulted after school, she was able to discipline herself and maintain a defensive posture and she reported to the organization that she did not hurt her attacker and even though she sustained. humiliation for this, Katherine has to date been able to honor her position as a dangerous but well disciplined Goju-Ryo practitioner. We respect her for not doing serious damage, etc. to her  fellow student. (I am sure we can all grow from this experience)

Other changes have been made and are reflected in the authorities now given to  those students - Congratulations to all.


Double Dragon News
November 2000-2001

'Self discipline is the foundation for achievement'  Kyoshi Arthur DeBuc, 7th dan.

Topic # 1

Once again Shihan Arthur DeBuc has honored his loving Grandmaster Manny Saavedra by receiving an induction into the Hall of Fame, in the category of Master Instructor of the year. This honor tells the students of the Double Dragon Institute that them must be proud of themselves to make the Grandmaster of our time, honor their teacher.(see latest Honors of Kyoshi DeBuc for details)

Topic # 2

Renshi Arthur DeBuc has been promoted to Shihan Arthur DeBuc 6th Dan. in November.

Topic # 3

New Black Belt

Double Dragon Institute is proud to honor our Grandmaster in July 2001, with the promotion of one new 3rd dan, two students to 2nd dan and three new students into the Black Belt Rank.
This year the Double Dragon Institute has had the honor to present Grandmaster Manny Saavedra with five promotions in the Black Belt rank for 2001 to date.

Double Dragon Institute is proud to honor our Grandmaster by having five students promoted to Black Belt, and one student promoted to 3rd dan in November 2000, along with the promotion of Shihan Arthur A. DeBuc 6th dan.
This year the Double Dragon Institute has had the honor to present Grandmaster Saavedra with ten promotions in  the black belt rank in 2000 alone.

Topic # 4

It has come to my attention that some Parents who have students under 18 years of age attending Karate class are not clear on a very important subject.

*****Double Dragon Institute is a School*****

Goju-Ryu is taught in this
school, this should be understood by all.



Please note that your children are attending a school and they are expected to be in class. This is no different from any school they are attending. If you do not understand this please see your child's teacher so this can be clearly explained to you.  If parents are found to be responsible for intentionally making students miss school for reasons than are not acceptable to schools run by the state in which they live, exceptions to this would be if students are having academic difficulty and we cannot help them. The Principal or Senior Instructor will look upon your actions as a lack of respect for our efforts and you will be asked to place your child in a different institution.  Note: those students that are removed from the school because of, or by their parents will be placed in the highest rank they have the potential to hold and this belt will be held for them until they are old enough to make decisions for themselves.



Please fix this problem before I do.

Thank You.



Topic # 5



The SIN (Sansei Information Network), under the guidance of Sensei Duncan, is in full swing. You can find the banner for the SIN on the Double Dragon Institute page. Please visit this site, send Sensei Duncan your impressions, and thanks for his work.  

Topic # 6

Special thanks to the Barnstable Athletic Club once again in 2001 for the fine way they have assisted us at the Double Dragon Institute in developing in Massachusetts over the last 3 years.  Members of the Barnstable Athletic Club are welcome to join the Karate classes held there. 'See School Locations for information.'


Shihan Arthur DeBuc, 6th dan


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