Double Dragon Institute



Double Dragon Goju-Ryu  Karate-do

under the leadership of

Grandmaster Arthur DeBuc 10th dan
Grandmaster Frederick Yarid 10th dan

its founder is:

Grandmaster Arthur DeBuc
Seiko-Sheehan of Double Dragon Goju-Ryu
and this Organization is
a part of the Sansai Goju-Ryu family.

Both these Grandmasters were promotion to 10th Dan on May 25th
, 2024
These promotions were authorized by Grandmaster Manny Saavedra.

When Grandmaster Saavedra promoted Grandmaster Arthur DeBuc to 10th Dan, Grandmaster Arthur DeBuc’s first action as a 10th Dan was to promote Grandmaster Frederic Yard to his 10th Dan and this was accepted by Grandmaster Manny Saavedra.

Double Dragon Goju-Ryu Karate-do

Combining Goju-Ryu’s teachings, along with the teachings of all the other instructors who have influenced my style of Karate, has given my students a unique advantage.  This variation of Goju-Ryu gives my students not only a solid foundation in Karate-do but also the versatility gained by knowing several styles.

My students understand the tremendous value in knowing of how styles differ in their techniques but are yet the same, and how various techniques from different styles increase in power when they are combined.  The students at the Double Dragon Karate Institute of Goju-Ryu use traditional Goju-Ryu with the advances designed into Sansei Goju-Ryu as a foundation for Double Dragon Goju-Ryu.  I have blended my knowledge of martial arts delicately into my variation of Goju-Ryu, called Double Dragon Goju-Ryu Karate-do, Double Dragon Goju-Ryu, or Double Dragon GojuUSA, not to be mistaken with USA-Goju under Supreme Grandmaster Peter Urban, my Sansei Goju-Ryu teacher’s teacher.  This is also the case with other instructors in the family of Goju-Ryu karate, making master’s extremely versatile and following the pattern of Masters of old which allows a style not to stagnate.

Link to old sight:This is a link to the old pages of Double Dragon Sansei Goju-Ryu