To All Students about web page etc.

Hi all,

Please register with the website wether or not you expect to continue training. Also please then pay your membership dues on the website if you wish to retain membership or desire to increase to any higher belts. Being a paid member will help our organization immensely. Those of you who owe testing fees or have not paid for your gui yet or even want another gui ect. can now also pay for them through the website. If you want to continue training above yellow belt you may pay additional dues on the site also. Below yellow belt, I will teach you for free. Helping me with the cost associated with teaching current students by keeping an active membership is honorable, this is the corner stone of Karate-do and I thank my former students for doing this. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DECIDE PLEASE REGISTER WITH THE SITE so you can follow what we are doing.
(If you have a financial situation please let me know so I can take care of the problem).