Olympic Competition DDI =Please Read Extremely Important to all of us – Hanshi Posted Oct. 2017/Next competition in Nov. 2017

{036}Sensei David Bavaresco, 3rd dan

Assistant Head of the Double Dragon Tournament team

Double Dragon Goju-Ryu Florida

***Sensei Bavaresco also won the US Open in Calafornia beating 21 other Countries and will be Representing the USA and Venezuela ***

In November 2017 as a student of the Double Dragon Institute – Sensei David on his own requested to be allowed to
wear his school Kanji at the torniment, we never ask our students to do this, it must be a request generated sowly by you.

We are  extremily prowd of David and I will be making every attempt to be there for him and I fully expect a number of you to attend with me.
As soon as
I have the detainl about the torniment.
I will post them.