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Grandmaster Arthur A. DeBuc 9th Dan
“Thanks to all my students for getting me such a beautiful belt.
This belt will always be close to my heart
as I think of you all.”


Hanshi DeBuc
is proud to announce four new promotions as of 06/29/2015.

Kyoshi Nigel A. DeBuc to 8th Dan
Kyoshi Frederic Yarid, MD to 8th Dan
Kyoshi Milton E.S. DeBuc to 8th Dan
Kyoshi Michael Powel to 7th Dan

These Masters are also on the Board of Directors
and will act in part or together in approving and or directing the DDIWGKO
on by behalf when I am not present.
Hanshi DeBuc


New students are taken by invitation only.

If you have been invited to join us see bottom of page for next step
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Hanshi Arthur A. DeBuc

is the Founder of the
Double Dragon Institute

Double Dragon Goju-Ryu Karate

advisor to Grandmaster Manny Saavedra in
February 2010

Member of the Board of Directors WSGKO

2000 – July 2002.

Founder/CEO of the Double Dragon Karate Institute

Inducted into the:


The world’s most elite martial arts grandmasters council
Inducted into the:
National Register’s 
In Executives and Professionals 

Kyoshi DeBuc as a 5th Dan
picture taken in Florida at the:


Double Dragon Goju-Ryu Fist.

Background Information

Hanshi Arthur DeBuc 9th Dan.

Various Martial Arts Belt’s
and accreditations that belong to Hanshi DeBuc
Below story is as accurate as Hanshi can make it please feel free to contact us if you can find an error:

Hanshi first started to train in Kyokyshin at the Y.M.C.A.
in Kingston Jamaica in 1970.
he was 13 years old.

Hanshi trained under Master Tony Chisolm in Jamaica in 1971
and in New York City, in 1974

when Master Chisolm granted him his second Black Belt.
Hanshi earned the Black Belt and beyond in Japanese Goju-Ryu under Master Chisolm.

Hanshi also trained under Kyoshi Michael Powell  from 1972 to 1974
in Jamaica and in New York City and earned his first
Black Belt in JUTOKA in 1974

Neither Master Chisolm nor Kyoshi Powell knew Hanshi was training in two schools at the same time.
(Master Chisolm almost found out when Hanshi used an unknown technique in Master Chisolms class during a sparring match and Master Chisolm warned Hanshi never to use a technique he had not been taught in his class again – the technique won the sparing match that day)

Hanshi trained under Sensei Mike Arnspiger in Miami Florida. from around 1978 to 1981
and earned a Brown Belt with a black stripe,
making Hanshi eligible to take the Cuong-Nhu black belt test. 

Circumstance with time off  and responsibilities stopped Hanshi from getting to the Black Belt exam.
Later that year Cung-Nhu added another black stripes to their
brown belt in order to allow a student to sit the black belt exam. 

Hanshi was never able to take the Cuong-Nhu black belt test even though he paid the school dues for an additional two years without training there.
(Hanshi has said his training in Coung-Nhu is the reason Double Dragon Goju-Ryu works so well.)

Hanshi trained under Kyoshi Russ Rogg around 1990 in Perine Florida and earned a Purple Belt in Shendo Goju-Ryu,  Kyoshi Russ Rogg had started his own Goju-Ryu style and was also at one time the student of Grandmaster Manny Saavedras.

Hanshi trained under Grandmaster Manny Saavedra in Miami Florida from around 1992 to 2009 in Sansei Goju-Ryu, attaining his 8th dan in 2003.

In 2004 Hanshi started working again on combining his martial arts knowledge into one art. Hanshi had been quietly working on this combination since 1973. His thoughts were that all martial arts are somehow connected and he wanted to put them back together again. Using Japanese Goju-Ryu as its foundation and Miyagi Sensei and Master Ngo-Dong as his inspiration, both of whom had many years earlier created Goju-Ryu Karate  and Cuong-Nhu Oriental Martial Arts from combining other martial art systems, Grandmaster DeBuc put the final touches on his style, and named it: Double Dragon Goju-Ryu Karate-do.
Hanshi DeBuc took his 9th dan in January 2014 when he officially left Sansai Goju-Ryu and  decided to teaching his own style of  martial arts
as his
teachers before him had also done.

and so the birth of:
Double Dragon Goju-Ryu Karate-do.